Server Rules

1.Duping, scamming, hacking, botting and using any illegal 3rd party tools are not allowed. If proven guilty, your account will be permanently banned.​

2. Exploiting any backdoor of game mechanics of any kind is not allowed.

3. Bugs may exist in-game, but do not abuse bugs to take advantage of the game.

4. Buying, Selling, and/or trading any items/zeny in KaizenRO for real money/credits, any currency to other servers, is not allowed.​

5. Do not attempt to sell or trade your account to another player.​

6. Using names such as “GM,” “Game Master,” “Admin,” “Administrator,” “Developer,” etc., in character, party, a guild is not allowed. This is because it may mislead/impersonate the others. If we find out that you have been doing this, your account will be permanently banned.​

7. AFK in Battleground is not allowed. Instead, use the @reportafk command if you see someone AFK in Battleground.

8. Advertising other servers is not allowed.

9. Show respect for all players, including the GM staff team. The GM staff is a player too, and all individuals have the right to be respected by others.​

10. Players are allowed to do KS in MVP maps.​

11. Begging for zeny and items are not allowed. ​

12. Do not impersonate other players or in other ways.​

13. Guild emblems must be visible to others when participating in WoE.

14. Do not give your account information to anyone. For example, the GM team would not ask for your ID or password unless you contacted the GM first to solve a problem.

15. Loss of any items/zeny because of the player’s fault will not be covered by GM.

16. Trash talking, spamming, and another abusive forms of communication are something we frowned upon. Please be rational and responsible at any time.

17. Donations are always welcomed. It is a way to support the server’s life and to promote new content in the future. Your donation will be converted to Cash Points which can be spent on specific items/services in the game.

18. All donations are not refundable. Otherwise, your account could be banned if you’re not contacting us in advance.

19. Any Cash Point spending you made in the game is final. There will be no refund even if you made the wrong purchase, so when in doubt about Cash Item/Service, you should ask the GM first before making any purchase.

20. Administrators have the right to modify any rules at any time.

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