5 reasons why you should choose KaizenRO:

Thank you so much for choosing KaizenRO.
At the moment the server is in closed beta testing.
We have already announced the opening date, and we are actively working on attracting players.
We plan to publish the game client a week before the opening.

I: It’s a new server.

A new project is always the perfect place to start on a level playing field with the players.
You will not need to put in more effort in the future to catch up with the others. You start fully at once altogether. You can also track the progress of your opponents and the market of valuable obtained items or loot. You can enjoy full MVP competition and fresh BG, PVP, and quests.

In the beginning, after server opening, you’ll get the most out of the game.
Advice: try to collect loot that you will get, do not sell or drop it. You will need that for quests.

II: We have more than 300+ quests

You can begin completing any of the quests to obtain a valuable or needed item.
Valuable items in the game are divided into groups from where you can get them. Some you can get through the quests, some defeating in the events, some exchanging Battlegrounds points, some for participation in PVP, some for killing powerful boss monsters, and so on. There are several major currencies on the server besides Zeny, and all these currencies are closely related to the type of your game activity.

The most valuable items can be obtained by winning or participating in mass events.
Such as Battlegrounds, WoE, and killing strong MVP monsters.

So it is highly recommended to join groups to achieve the results you need as quickly as possible. One head is good – and a fully-loaded party with many friends is even better.

III: We created a whole atmosphere with additional commands and NPCs.

In addition to the standard commands and NPCs, we have added our own developments to the game world.
The main idea of these add-ons is to simplify repetitive monotonous or routine operations.
What do you mean? For example, when logging in to the game, we often enter the same commands repeatedly.
Or after the death and resurrection of taking from kafra to replenish consumables from the Kafra storage.
Why repeat it when you can set it up once and get rid of that annoying routine in a second?

And we’ve got plenty of those commands and opportunities.
Commands and NPCs are divided into categories. Something informative, giving you a numerical representation of the characteristics of a particular object in the game. Some solve problems with routine tasks.
Some help you get things done faster and more efficiently. Some help you look at the game from a different angle.
There is no point in describing every command or NPC. Almost all NPCs are located in Prontera.
And commands and how to use them can be seen with @commands

The main purpose of these add-ons is to remove the hindering elements and allow you to focus on the game, on communication, on friendship, on achieving your personal goals in the game

IV: KaizenRO is a powerful WoE, MVP, BG platform.

You can’t just start up a server and hope that the default settings will be enough for a modern Ragnarok Online player or a group of players under one guild. The game has changed a lot since the mid-2000s.

We are flexible and adapt to your needs. So, in addition to NPCs and @commands, we created many WOE, BG-specific components and features.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

a.) No network lag is important for good combat.

We are hosting the project on high-performance equipment in one of the best data centers in the world with good connectivity to different continents.
In addition, our servers are protected from DDoS attacks.
Besides, we have created a distributed Proxy system to minimize delays from you to the game server in automatic mode by selecting the least possible route.

b.) Also need high FPS

Our game client is manually optimized and extended and produces the highest possible FPS.
Additionally, we have developed and implemented an in-game client analog of external RCX to offload the game’s mainstream. The RCX can be flexibly configured independently to your liking.
In addition, implementing additional tweaks to gaming clients increases FPS to the maximum values supported by your graphics card.

And that’s not all.
On the server, there are commands to remove unnecessary effects, filter them.
You can add your own textures to the client files.

c.) Fair play between players

We use client-server protection for this purpose.
Which protects against bots, protects against client modifications, and other suspicious activity strongly affecting the gameplay in terms of balance.

A maximum number of simultaneously running windows: 5. This is more than enough for any need.
In addition to protecting files, we protect the delays between the use of skills in the game dynamically.
By doing so, we fight advanced cheaters on the server-side, where they do not have access.
After all, any game client can be hacked except the sulfur part.

TitanSPrites – will not work on KaizenRO

V: We’re just fun and interesting.

Imagine that you have reached your goal of getting the items you need. What’s next?
That’s where our team comes in. We’ve conventionally divided entertainment, holidays, and events to celebrate those days.
There are many automated events on the server, and any player worthy of it created a whole event platform for entertainment in manual mode.
If you have social skills, a sick imagination, desire and interest to run events using our event platform without any limits on entertainment – you can write to us and leave your application, and maybe we will accept you in our team.
Be forewarned at once. You will have no preferences and incentives. You will be the same player as others, but with the ability to conduct activities to your liking.

Organize tournaments between humans, monsters, races, guilds, the living and the dead, and so on.
This is just a small list of what is available. So come and play with us, and you’ll see even more possibilities in the game.

We look forward to seeing you at the opening of the project.
Don’t forget to let everyone you know about the project!

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